About ART

Welcome to ART Reproductive Center, where we are committed to our patients’ health, happiness, and hopes for children. We offer the latest advances in biomedical technologies, fertility treatments and pharmaceutical products combined with compassionate, individualized, personal care:  “The state of the art and science of fertility treatment.”
 We focus on every patient as an individual and strive to make the treatment environment supportive, compassionate, and as stress-free as possible.

We help patients balance their physical and emotional needs; treating the person, the couple – not just the symptoms. Infertility affects one of our most basic desires; to create a family. Inherent in this is emotional stress that we strive to minimize through open communications and thorough explanations of all aspects of infertility diagnosis and treatment. Couples will never feel like “just another case” at our center.

We employ a comprehensive whole-health treatment protocol designed to insure that patients have a positive treatment experience and to insure that the best treatments are chosen for each individual.

There are many possible causes of infertility and our physicians perform a comprehensive physical evaluation of both partners. They will order the appropriate fertility tests to determine not only the probable cause(s) of infertility but the best possible treatment solutions. Together; we create a treatment plan that incorporates each patient’s individual criteria and personal desires while recommending the fertility treatment most likely to result in pregnancy success. In a very real sense, our patients participate in the design of their individualized treatment plans.

Treatment at ART Reproductive Center revolves around a highly competent team of professionals. This team approach includes:

  • The choice of a physician among our highly qualified board certified reproductive endocrinologists/fertility specialists.
  • A nurse practitioner skilled in all aspects of fertility patient management.
  • A highly skilled Ph.D. embryologist with certification from the American Board of Bioanalysts as a High Complexity Laboratory Director. He has extensive experience in all assisted reproductive technology procedures.
  • Our treatment team incorporates a nutritionist and a whole body health specialist.
  • Traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture.
  • Nutritional strategies

We conduct andrology and embryology services on site in our highly advanced certified laboratories. Additionally, IVF is offered at our on-site surgery center, which greatly increases patient comfort and convenience. Eggs are retrieved at the surgery center and immediately passed to the embryology lab thus reducing the chance for “in transit” damage to the egg.

Our practice focuses on convenience because we realize that this helps reduce patient stress. The beauty of our practice is that patients benefit from the combined experience of 4 reproductive endocrinologists while maintaining the private practice relationship with their primary physician.

We are here to serve patients and help them meet their individual goals of “family”. Please call us today so we may discuss how our practice can help you on the road to parenthood.