Debbie Thompson, RN, Senior Patient Coordinator
Debbie Thompson has coordinated the cycles of IVF patients for 15 years.  Debbie’s extensive knowledge of the field of ART plus her compassionate and caring approach to patients makes the experience much more comprehensible and personal for our patients.  Ms. Thompson is always “there” for patients who need further education or reassurance, a calm and confident voice on the other end of the line.

Michelle Crichton, RN, Patient Coordinator
Michelle has had over 10 years of experience as an IVF Patient Care Coordinator.  She has a compassionate and caring attitude that our patients sense when they meet her.  Michelle’s thoroughness in explaining the myriad consent forms facing IVF patients makes the experience less intimidating, more comprehensible.  She is a valuable member of the Team.

Arlene Martin, Financial Affairs Officer for the Center
Arlene joined the Center in 2008, and brings with her many years of experience in financial matters. Arlene handles fee collection, bookkeeping and billing for the Center. Patients will find Arlene responsive, friendly and accessible.

Silvia Solano, Receptionist / Data Entry
Silvia has been a member of the Center for over 5 years.  Silvia’s attention to detail makes possible constant monitoring and quality improvement of the Center’s myriad patient care and management activities.

Christina Martinez, Cryobank Services
Christina joined the ART team in 2012.  Ms Martinez may be contacted at 310 246 4621, extension 257 for any questions or concerns relating to storage fees for cryopreserved specimens (embryos, eggs, sperm). She also schedules appointments for patients wishing to participate in the Center’s program for semen collection / cryostorage for anticipated cycles of in vitro fertilization, as well as the reception of specimens shipped to the Center from other cryobank facilities.