MARCH 13th  2013



Dr. David Hill, Scientific Director at ART Reproductive Center in Beverly Hills, and one of the Nation’s leading embryology experts, is available for interviews about an exciting new technology recently featured on NBC Nightly News called the Embryoscope™ which is being used here in Beverly Hills. Here is a link to the original NBC Nightly News broadcast from Cleveland Clinic.

“We are one of the first IVF centers in the Western U.S. to introduce the Embryoscope™ system,” according to Dr. Hill.

The Embryoscope™ incubator is an amazing new techology used in In Vitro Fertilization that allows embryologists to monitor and assess an embryo’s development around the clock. Prior to the Embryoscope™ embryos were removed from the incubator once a day for observation, giving fertility specialists limited opportunity to monitor any changes prior to implantation. The Embryoscope™ takes over 700 high resolution pictures per day of each embryo, providing a time lapsed video of each developing embryo, from a fertilized egg through the blastocyst stage of development.The advantage this has as a tool for selecting the best embryo for implantation over assessing one every 24 hours is significant.
“This type of technology has re-energized the field of reproductive medicine. Importantly, it may be used to reduce the number of twins and triplets by selecting a single embryo for transfer that is the most likely to result in the birth of a healthy baby,” according to Dr. Hill.

This innovative device, of which there are only two being used clinically in the Western United States, incorporates a microscope, camera and computer that provide continuous images of embryos during in vitro culture. The photos provide a detailed record of how and when each cell in an embryo divides. The best embryos can be selected for implantation, and embryos not used at this stage can be frozen for later use.

“The time-lapse incubator allows us to develop embryos in a very controlled environment with minimal disturbance. We believe it will improve outcomes for all patients receiving IVF at our Center,” concluded Dr. Hill.

Dr. David Hill is available for interviews and onsite visits can be arranged by appointment.

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To see the Embryoscope™ in action follow this link.